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At the TEL me more event in March we were fortunate to see Louise Hart talk about periscope and how she has been using it when teaching her ESOL students. Periscope is a live video streaming app which is available for iOS and Android which although similar to services like Blackboard Collaborate requires less setting up with the user being able to be up and running in a matter of seconds. Whilst Periscope is not designed to replace any lecture capture of existing video conferencing tools it could compliment them being able to allow video conferencing where there is no suitable technology for the existing technology.

As with Twitter you have followers (for example, your students) who when you start broadcasting (or scoping to quote the terminology) will receive notification that you have started your broadcast or users can integrate the system looking for live broadcasts. You can however lock down your scoping to just your followers or just a chosen few users.
Although not a two way communication tool like Blackboard Collaborate or GoToMeeting, viewers can send messages and can send “hearts” as a form of appreciation.
Whilst scopes will be deleted 24 hours after first broadcast by default they can be saved for later use.

How to use Periscope

  • Virtual Campus tours
  • Live practicals or demonstrations in the classroom, lab or workshop
  • Icebreaker activities where small groups of students interview each other, and share in the class

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