Flipped buildings! Wolverhampton University’s STEM building visit

Video Camera

Author – Keith Taynton

A delegation from Derby University’s TEL were kindly invited to Wolverhampton to see how Wolverhampton’s new STEM facility had flipped teaching built into the design on the building.

Front faced lecture style teaching has been replaced with flipped teaching where all of the practical demonstrations of experiments and equipment usage are recorded using Panopto and made available to students before the practical lab.

The recording station for teachers comprises multiple video sources and audio.

In picture 1, a webcam acts as an OHP, a camera records the teacher and the microscope’s output is recorded (picture 2)

teachers stations

Picture 1 – Teacher’s recording station

teachers stations scope

Picture 2 – The microscope is also recorded as a video source

Student workstations have been provisioned with tablet computers in protective cases on flexible arms. Students use these to either re-watch the video, or record their work for review or assessment. Because the tablets run Windows 8.1, they are joined to the network and can access student folders and software.


Picture 3 – Student workstations in the lab

workroom cu.png

Picture 4 – Close up of tablets in the lab workstation

Read more about this: Using Lecture Capture for Learning and Teaching in Science at the University of Wolverhampton.

Keith Taynton

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