TEL me more: May 2017

Author – Laura Hollinshead

As part of Learning at Work week the Technology Enhanced Learning team held a TEL me more session on Wednesday 17th May. These informal sessions provide staff with the chance to share practice and hear about how others are using technology to support learning and teaching.

Polling and Quiz tools

In the session we heard about how Kahoot, a way to provide quizzes and gather feedback from learners either face-to-face or outside of lessons, had helped to engage learners in lectures. The tool was found to be easy to use with at least a quarter of students in sessions where it was used having used it at their previous educational institution. A number of other attendees at TEL me more also commented they had seen this used for conferences and during the TEL Strategy Launch by the guest speaker Helen Beetham.

Quizlet was discussed which provides a series of flashcards which students can use to check their understanding and convert into interactive games. Students have also been using this to create their own quizzes and this would be a good activity to do with your students helping to use them as partners to develop learning content as well as develop their digital capabilities in using digital tools for learning.

Learning content tools for storytelling

Storymap was mentioned, which provides the ability to add pin points to maps with additional information. This could help to tell a story, provide information about an event either in the past or for planning as well as perhaps outlining a series of related events such as in a crime or missing person case. An example can be seen in this map outlining climate change in the US from Stanford University. A related tool called Timeline was also discussed which provides a way of adding additional information to a timeline making it easy to tell a story or outline a series of events. An example can be seen through the life of Nelson Mandela.

Academic Digital Champion

The University is looking to create a network of Academic Digital Champions who are willing to share their practice at the University, work in partnership with TEL to provide feedback about TEL developments, contribute and review the Digital Practice Handbook and work with Student Digital Champions. We are also keen to find specialist users of particular software or digital tools where they would be willing to share their knowledge and support others in developing their skills. We are keen to look at the recognition related to this role and some of the feedback we had from the group was that they would like to be aware of the impact their involvement would have e.g. how many people have gone away and tried an approach they shared?. If you are interested in being involved as an Academic Digital Champion then please complete the online form to express your interest.

We had lots of engagement within the session so there are probably technologies I have missed. Please feel free to comment below with any tools or key points from the event you want to add.

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