Student video Project with Science Subject Pathway

As part of the BEd, stage 3, Science Subject Pathway Maria Dent, Senior Lecturer in ITE and ITE Science Subject Leader, tasked her students to create a short video. The video had be created as part of the lesson to show their scientific literacy and develop their communication skills.

As part of the assessment the students’ task was to plan, film, edit and present the finished video to the class in 2 hours.   To make the process more straightforward and streamlined the students used the Education department’s iPads. These iPads were set up ready for use with iMovie.

With instruction from the TEL Media Adviser for the Institute of Education, the students went through a short planning workshop where they had to limit the video to six scenes. Starting off with the first scene, the students had to think about the establishing shot (this would be the first thing the audiences sees) which helped them think about the look and the theme of the video.

The next step was to think about the final scene and what message and information the audience needed to go away with. Once they had these scenes developed, they could then plan the rest of the video with that information. The planning took no longer than 15 minutes, as their plan had to be simple and effective.

Filming the scenes from the storyboard was the next step, and filming them in a linear way was the most effective. This is not normally feasible in most video productions, where  different part of the video using the same location are usually filmed at the same time to help with the productivity of the shoot.

Due to the time constraints of the project the students had to use what they had in the classroom. Maria supplied them with drawing materials and puppets which they could use in their videos, and the Media Adviser trained them on how to film and edit on iMovie on the iPad. He was available throughout the project to support students with issues or who needed additional advice.

The process for the students seem to be quite straight forward and they seemed to grab the practical side of the filming with very little issues.  Filming straight into iMovie saved a lot of time, as well as giving the students the ability to film additional sections of the video while editing.  Also iMovie has a good selection of music and sound effects which they could use and added to the experience.

The short time constraints on the project really focused the students. It helped restrict the length of the video and ensured students decided what crucial information was needed in the video and what could be left out, making the videos more concise and to the point.

Maria Dent

‘The videos were produced by BEd, stage 3 students as part of their Science Subject Pathway module. The focus of this module is scientific literacy.

The students created a short video for use with children in school in order to develop their subject knowledge, but more importantly to develop their scientific literacy; engagement with contemporary, authentic and relevant contexts is imperative. Production and subsequent use with children allows them to explore this as a pedagogical tool, especially valuable in the increasingly mediagenic world in which children live. The students also use their experience of video production to underpin their teaching of computing in school, enabling the children themselves to produce and evaluate their own videos, and those they access via television, the internet and social media. 

It is a very important aspect of the module, and also very enjoyable.’

Here are the links to the final video

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