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The use of videos within teaching and learning is vast with the TEL Media team supporting academics to trial new approaches all the time. Justin Steele-Davis, UDOL’s Academic Lead for Engineering, has been creating various videos to use within his course materials. Justin creates videos introductions to most of his modules/programmes, using Panopto, and embeds them into the announcements feed on Course Resources. These videos are targeted at students to help them understand what is expected of them in the studies. He does this by using just the primary video source rather than capturing the screen, which means the students only get to see him. Justin states that “for me that is easier because I understand the permissions model and how the files are shared with students.” However, the University of Derby does have another software that academics use called ‘CaptureSpace Lite’. This app is a great tool for choosing whichever media you want to record, giving you the flexibility to deliver content in a way that suits the audience and material.

Justin has also created and uploaded videos through Kaltura to his My Media area to share them with his students enrolled in the programmes. His students, who are all mature students in work, reflect on their studies and how they are doing.

This student works as an engineer at Drax power station while studying with UDOL. These videos were designed to assist the students in thinking about their independent studies as well as their studies in general as all their work in this module is work-based learning.

Another interview he has completed with a graduate student, discussing his independent study and the course in general, can be seen here:

Along with these videos, Justin has also interviewed a company about their work, which will also be placed in the modules teaching materials for the students as a reference resource.

Justin states that “based on student feedback we know that they like to be able to see the academic teaching them, therefore we make every effort to make sure videos of the staff are shown to the students. I do not have any specific feedback on the videos I have created, other than in teaching context where the students have said they have been very helpful.”

If you want to find out more about adding media to your programmes or modules please contact your Media Adviser.

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