Digi Know – Turnitin has had a facelift

Turnitin has been upgraded and is now known as Turnitin Feedback Studio.

Here are some of the things you will see in Turnitin Feedback Studio:

1.  All services i.e. Originality, GradeMark, and PeerMark are layered in one place in a tool bar on the right hand side.

Click on the image to enlarge it

2.  Comment options are available in context when clicking at any point in the document. No need to toggle between bubble comments and text comments. Quick comments can also be selected from the one click on the document.

3.  Easier navigation from one submission to another for tutor, bigger and clearer arrows with a modern look

4.  Download options are included at the bottom in the tool bar on the right


NB: To print, click on any of the Download links to open the document and then print in the normal way. There is no Print icon as such.

5.  For submission information and iPad code generation (for marking on iPad), click the information icon at the bottom of the tool bar


6.  Rubric is available via the Rubric/Form icon

7.  Word count is shown at the bottom of the page on the left hand side

8.  Toggle page navigation is available from the left hand side to jump to a desired page


9.  Overall feedback overview for students is as in the image below

NB: If desired, you can view the Turnitin assignment in the old Turnitin Classic version. Just click on the Return to Turnitin Classic link at the bottom on the right hand side

For example, Comments List is not available in Turnitin Feedback Studio but it can be viewed in Turnitin Classic

For more information about using Turnitin Feedback Studio, please see the Digital Practice Handbook

Laura Ridings

Created by FIM : 15/08/2016 10:34:32

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