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Claude Littner interview

Author – Charlotte Ellis

Academics throughout the university have been using video for their teaching and learning materials to engage their students. These include interviews with experts from the industry, providing a great way to reach outside the classroom easily. Creating a video with an industry expert or guest lecturer is an easy way to add video into your teaching and learning material for a module. This could be simply recording a talking head video interview with the expert about a topic within the module.

Rachel Hayward, Lecturer in Business and Management, brought all this together with a networking event for her students with local businesses. The students could talk with businesses at the event and learn from them on the night as well as capturing an interview with certain people. Some of the questions Rachel asked: how they decide which networking events they attend:

Business networking

and the value they place upon them:

Business networking event

Having interviews with experts from the industry your students will be joining is a great way to enhance your module and give it reach outside the classroom. This approach can get a certain learning objective across to your students in an engaging way while giving it industry relevance.

You may even want your students to help devise the questions for the interview, thereby gaining specific information that they feel is relevant to them.

Academics within the Tourism and Spa Management courses had a Spa, Tourism and Wellness Conference with various businesses throughout the industry. Victoria Rosamond, Lecturer in Tourism and Spa, organised some interviews with some of the experts to give some advice to the students.

Networking event

As well as asking what they think the predictions will be for the industry.

Networking event

Having these interviews with experts who are working within the industry give the students a great advantage to be able to ask questions and get the information that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Lee Pridmore, Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor and Ex Science, and Bev Crighton, Lecturer in Business and Management, got students to write some questions for Darryl Eales, Chairman of Oxford United Football Club. Giving them an insight into how he worked his way through his various businesses and leading to his current role in the football club.

Darryl Eales interview

Annmarie Hanlon, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, brought Greendog Media into the university. Adam Civval, a University of Derby Graduate, discusses what the future holds for mobile technology and its uses within a business.

Greendog Media interview

Other examples of interviews that have taken place around the university to be used within a module or course have been with Claude Littner, Business executive, who discusses his varied and successful career and his tips for students.

Claude Littner Interview

Along with Eric Stoller, who is a higher education thought-leader, consultant, writer, and speaker. He talks about the importance of social media, employability skills and your digital identity.

Eric Stoller interview

If you would like to create a video similar to these please contact you TEL Media Adviser to gain training to create a video using your own mobile device, or alternatively borrow a camera to film the interview. It is also possible that your Media Adviser could assist you with filming as you build up confidence.

These videos, once created, can be shared within the University’s shared repository so that colleagues across Colleges can also access and use them.

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