ALT Conference: Strategic initiatives to embed Learning technology

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This post will focus on the sessions looking at initiatives which are strategic in their approach to get learning technology embedded in the curriculum.

iInnovate: Scaling innovation from the individual to the institution, University of Bournemouth

Lightbulb with thinking cloud around itThis session focused on an initiative called iInnovate to encourage academic to use technology in their teaching. This was supported by a TEL Toolkit with pedagogic approaches at its heart. Although there were staff who did get out there to try something different not everyone involved was able to do this.

This initiative was supported through sharing information and ideas via blogs, Twitter, videos and workshops. It was felt that if they had disseminated the results of the engagement part way through this might have spurred others on to give it a go and make managers aware where there was a lack of engagement. They were also keen to identify the communities of practice which have built up as part of the initiatives as well as the opportunities to find research and publication opportunities. Going forward they are looking to ensure a central feedback mechanism to gather records of the innovations and try building a buddying system across departments, colleges and the institution to share expertise and ideas.

Creating continents of digital practice: supporting programmes of study to embed digital capabilities in the curriculum and course delivery, University of Derby

Water drop and ripplesMy presentation was all about the Digital Practice Baseline which we developed at the University to help programmes to review the digital practices embedded in the curriculum and pedagogical approach. You can see a copy of my slides, which were based around the conference theme about Islands of Innovation and represent the journey of developing and rolling out the baseline process.

Currently the Digital Practice Baseline has been used with nearly 50 programmes from across the University. The Technology Enhanced Learning team have supported this process helping programme leaders to reflect upon the practice they currently have embedded in the programme and what plans they might have for embedding this further. There have been some really interesting conversations happening, with the team learning lots about the excellent practice across the University and some really interesting ideas on how these can be developed.

We are looking to build upon the Digital Practice Baseline initiative, refining the process and the support resources around this to make this more scalable and sustainable.

My next post will focus on some of the sessions I saw with a focus on learning technology use in health education.

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