Digi know that Padlet has made some improvements


The University of Derby now has a licence for Padlet If you would like an account please contact the TEL team through TEL@derby.ac.uk.

Padlet has just announced some new features. There are now more ways to post

They’ve added 7 new ways to post on Padlet.



Padlet Draw

Doodle away on an on-screen canvas. Vibrant colors, smooth strokes, multi-touch friendly.

Learn more about draw


Padlet Voice

Record audio. Unlimited pause and resume, headphone and external microphone support.

Learn more about voice


Padlet Film

Record videos. HD capture, external webcam support, pause and resume.

Learn more about film


Padlet snaps

Take photos. High quality capture, external webcam support, filters.

Learn more about snap


Padlet google images

Search images, YouTube videos, GIFs, and websites. Safe search on by default.

Learn more about search


Padlet google map

Add places. Search any place in the world or use your current location. Choose from 4 different map styles.

Learn more about map

Padlet within a Padlet

Padlet in Padlet

Add an existing padlet to another padlet. Kinda like Russian dolls. (See, we weren’t kidding.)

Learn more about padlet interlinking

Mobile Apps

Padlet Version 45

The new mobile apps are a delight to use and support all the new posting innovations.

Available on iOS, Android, and Kindle.

Unfortunately most of the padlet functionality no loger works in Internet Explorer so we are recommending you use Chrome when using Padlet. 

Greg Sutton

Account enabled by ILM2007fp1 on 09/07/2010 14:43:00

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