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As part of its TEL Strategy 2017-2021, the University of Derby has put a focus on increasing staff and student engagement with media technologies within teaching and learning activities.

The University’s Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team have been collaborating with academic staff to create their own media content as well as embedding media-based student assignments into the curriculum. This form of assessment promotes student creativity and is great for group work, as students can draw upon each other’s strengths. In addition, it can support working with students as partners where aspects of their assessment can be negotiated, allowing submissions from a choice of media type which meet the requirements of the assessment.

The TEL team previously ran face-to-face training sessions to provide media creations skills for these kinds of assessment. However, as engagement increased the team had to consider how to make delivery of this training more scalable across the University. This led to the production of the ‘Create’ website to provide support to staff and students around all aspects of media creation and develop their digital capabilities.

To create a scalable training, resource the team devised the ‘Create’ website which could host the different elements to assist students with media-based assignments, without the need for one-to-one training. There are a wide range of media-based assignments running at the University and as video is the most popular medium, this was the primary focus of the website. Guidance on other types of media creation are also included, such as the creation of interactive posters and the use of infographics and Augmented Reality (AR). The design of the website also gives opportunities for other areas to be added in the future, as required.

The ‘Create’ site features video content produced by the TEL team, combined with other open source resources, to create a wide range of materials to provide media creation and digital skills. Designed with inclusivity and accessibility as a key requirement, the site enables students to learn at their own pace and on their own devices.

The students that have had access to the ‘Create’ site for their studies have found it extremely useful to go back over points discussed in sessions and see other ways that digital materials could be created. They have found it valuable to understand how this kind of digital literacy can be applied to their future careers. Staff have also found the site informative and consequently it is also being used as training materials for staff development within this area.

The TEL team will be monitoring how effective it is in supporting the process of improving media creations skills, digital literacy and the digital capabilities of both staff and students across the University and making updates accordingly.

This is an ongoing development project which covers training around a number of different media creation skills for everyone at the University to access. Feedback will be taken from staff and students and the platform used allows us to easily apply additional materials when needed.

If any academic staff would like to include a media-based assignment within their teaching, please contact TEL on

You can also contact TEL if you would like to discuss adding content materials to the ‘Create’ site to assist your students within their learning.

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